Kindle Fire, Excellence and Specifications

One more Android tablet comes on the market. It could be said that the presence of these Android Tablet want to compete with the iPad. Kindle Fire, the name of this newest Android tablet officially announced. Kindle Android Tablet Fire is made by Amazon. Amazon finally officially announced the launch as well as Fire Kindle, Android 7-inch tablet with an affordable price of $ 199. Excellence Kindle Fire Kindle Fire is a Android tablet capable of providing video streaming services with a custom interface. However, Kindle Fire also has other advantages which features a minimalist so the price can be cheaper to below $ 200. Fire in the use of Kindle, Amazon's Prime service still provided free of charge for 30 days, while the subscription service costing $ 79 per year including access to video streaming services.


Tom Anderson mengatakan...

From all the reports I've read, the Kindle Fire costs amazon money on every one they sell, but since the entire experience is linked to Amazon, they control the way all the content the users will want comes from Amazon. That means, they are assured to move more digital content, so kinda the same way printer companies sell you a printer cheap, and charge crazy amounts for the ink, the Kindle Fire uses a similar approach.

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