Dancing with The Stars 2012

Saturday, it is the urban dance that will set the ball rolling. Courses Tecktonic then Hip Hop will be led by Amadou and Davy Hunt at 13 hours and 14 hours. At 15 hours, is scheduled a special class for toddlers, for love of dance is a virus that’s catching some very young. Around 16 hours, Marc Emmanuel Zanoli, dancer at the Opera de Bordeaux will host a talent and faith with jazz session with hints of contemporary dance. Professionalism and dynamism insured. Finally, around 17:15, it is a star dancer at the Opera National de Bordeaux, Emmanuelle Grizot, the godmother of the Sylvaine Dance Academy, who will pass again and still love this beautiful dance. It will close and the school day by a “master class” of classical dance course starting with a warm up to the bar.


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